Chicken  (grilled/saucy / potroast / crumbed) served with salad/Spaghetti Stirfry        

Chicken filleted snitzels  served with salad & sauce   


Chicken Sosaties /satay served  with salad/glazed dried fruit/Spaghetti Stirfry    


Chicken/beef  Chow  Mein  served with bowl of green salad 


Buttered Chicken   served with Tossed salad & naan /cocktail Rolls


Filleted  Cubed Chicken  in danya sauce served with salad & naan bread  


Braised / Masala Steak  with (roasted /  Baby potatoes),vegetable, Rice & salad 


*Roast beef served with (glazed carrots and potatoes),vegetable, Rice & salad


Mavrou (cubed curry steak) served with rice decorated with eggs & potatoes


Beef Stroganoff   served with salad & cocktail Rolls 


**Roast leg of lamb: served with vegatables, rice,&salad


**T ?bone steak: served with (roasted/ baby potatoes) vegetables ,rice & salad                      


Breyani : (Mutton/ chicken/fish) or Akni served with sambals, atchar, dhay


Curries : (mutton / chicken / fish/**crayfish / **prawn) served with  Roti / naan / rice   


*Khilya    : ( mutton / chicken )  served with salad & naan /cocktail rolls            


Lasagne  : (mince / chicken/ vegetable ) served  with salad                                


*Seafood  Paella:  served with Greek Salad                                                          


*Fish:  (grilled) served with crumbed calamari and half-shelled mussles & rice


Rice:  yellow,  Savoury, braised, dhal, Chinese,Dhanya   .


Vegetable:  Chunky vegetable (butternut,sweet potatoes,marrow,squash,peas, mielies) glazed carrots ,broccoli, corn on the cob , braised brinjals &peas, cauliflower &  white sauce.      


Condiments:  atchar, onion and tomato sambals, piccalilli /avocado dip, sauce