Savoury platter: samoosas, halfmoons, springrolls, chillibites, pies, sausage-rolls, vol-au-vents, quiche, pizza

Fruit platter: freshly sliced fruit in season

*Shrimp/ Seafood Cocktail: mixture of fish & shrimps mixed with sauce served in a goblet laced with lettuce, garnished with lemon and pasely.

Filleted Chicken: (grilled/ crumbed) served with salad & sauce on a side-plate

*Filleted Fish: (grilled/ battered) served with salad & sauce on a side-plate

*Avocado Ritz: Avos topped with shrimps in sauce

Soup: served with cocktail rolls (vegatable/ chicken & corn/ butternut/ creamy mussels/ haleem/ creamy mushroom)

*Phyllo Basket: phyllo basket with chicken or seafood filling

Savoury biscuits: bagels, chips, served with dip & pate  

**Chicken Platter: variety of chicken cutlets and meatballs e.g honey-glazed chicken wings

Other options are available to your choice.